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My Go-To Pregnancy Products

Happy Monday! Today officially marks 40 weeks pregnant, which means TODAY IS MY DUE DATE! I can't believe it!! My Mom, Hubby, pup and I are all at home eating breakfast waiting for something to happen over here! So, to help pass the time, I'm sharing some of my go-to items I've used throughout my pregnancy. Below is a quick rundown of some of the products!

  • I personally love and recommend The Honest Co. prenatal vitamins as others I tried made me feel nauseous. I went with these as I liked that they were a whole-food multivitamin. For after baby, I purchased New Chapter Perfect PostNatal Multivitamin. I like to go the most natural route possible when choosing supplements and was drawn to these as they are a whole-food multivitamin made with organic vegetables, herbs and nutrients to help support energy, mood and lactation support. Everything I will definitely be needing in the coming weeks/months! I will share how these work for me in the coming weeks.

  • The compression socks were definitely necessary for me as I started to develop varicose veins mid-way through my pregnancy. I noticed an immediate relief from the pain when I wore them and would encourage those of you who need to wear them, to wear as long and often as possible. When I didn't want to wear the full sock due to heat, I wore these (which are MUCH tighter but still very effective).

  • If I can recommend one book for first time Mommies, it is 100% The Nanny Connie Way. I discovered very early on in my pregnancy that anyone and everyone wants to give you their opinion and advice on how you should and should not raise your newborn baby. Nanny Connie does a great job of sharing what has worked for the 270+ families she's cared for. And she explains it in a way that is surprisingly comforting while being informative. My Husband actually found this book and got for me, which was the perfect read to ease my mind throughout my first pregnancy.

  • Do yourself a favor and head on over to Victoria's Secret in the start of your pregnancy and get 10+ pairs of seamless panties. They are lightweight, soft and you barely even feel them. Just remember to size up!

  • Since becoming pregnant, I had completely re-vamp my beauty products to ensure they were clean and didn't contain any harmful ingredients that could harm the baby. So, I went to Sephora and was recommended the Ren Moisturizer and Drunk Elephant SPH. Both have been great at providing moisture and protection during this Summer heat!

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