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My Blog was Featured on the Wix Blog!

I woke up to such an exciting email this morning informing me that my blog has been featured on the WixBlog under 10 Blog Examples With Design Wisdom to Learn From! Sayyy whaaattt?!!

Any one out there who has a blog knows the hours upon hours spent on creating content, writing blog posts, uploading photos, writing (and editing) your blog post, and constantly changing the layout. Let's just say, it's something you take a lot of pride in. Especially when your doing all the coding, design and formatting on your own. So to receive an email like this is every blogger's dream!

It's even featured on the Wix Blog home page!

Now, I can't take all the credit here. Wix does an amazing job of providing blogs with a variety of different layouts and tools to personalize the individuals aesthetic. What I love most about Wix is their support line. Lord knows I contacted them more times than I can count. It's nice to be able to request a call back from a Wix representative (in literally minutes!) to answer all your questions and then some. So, thank you Wix for providing a platform where Bloggers can learn from your team while doing what they love!

If you haven't already, please check out the post here!



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Ananditha Srinagesh
Ananditha Srinagesh
Apr 17, 2020

Your blog is beautifully created! What blog layout did you use?

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